Committee Members
Criminal Justice
Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm EndOrganization
Hon Bryant Yuan Fu YangChair7/1/20216/30/2022Los Angeles Superior Court
Robert Soo SongFirst Vice Chair7/1/20216/30/2022Office of the Los Angeles District Attorney
Susana E. JuarezSecond Vice Chair7/1/20216/30/2022Ofc Public Defender
Claire M. SimonichSecretary7/1/20216/30/2022Office of the Federal Public Defender
Hon Victor M. AcevedoImmediate Past Chair7/1/20216/30/2022Los Angeles Superior Court
Osman AbbasiMember7/1/20216/30/2022California Department of Justice
Michele B. AndersonMember7/1/20216/30/2022LA City Attorney's Office
Hon Debra ColeMember7/1/20216/30/2022Los Angeles Superior Court
Hon James R. DabneyMember7/1/20216/30/2022Los Angeles Superior Court
Beatriz D. DieringerMember7/1/20216/30/2022Office of the LA District Attorney
Presciliano Rodolfo DuranMember7/1/20216/30/2022Office of the Los Angeles County District Attorney
Patricia Dill T. FullinwiderMember8/18/20216/30/2022Ofc Alternate Public Defender
Hon Eric P. HarmonMember7/1/20216/30/2022Van Nuys Courthouse West
Nicole A. JeongMember8/18/20216/30/2022Root & Rebound
Lisa Minji KangMember7/1/20216/30/2022Alternate Public Defender - County of Los Angeles
Sean K. McDonaldMember7/1/20216/30/2022LA County Public Defender
Cathy J. OstillerMember7/1/20216/30/2022Ofc. US Attorney
Rose Fe Reyes Reyes ReglosMember7/1/20216/30/2022LA Public Defender
Bruce RiordanMember7/1/20216/30/2022US Attorney's Office
Robert A. SchwartzMember7/1/20216/30/2022Law Offices of Robert A. Schwartz
Wendy E. SegallMember8/18/20216/30/2022 
Louis Justin ShapiroMember7/1/20216/30/2022Law Offices Of Louis J. Shapiro
Miji John VellakkatelMember7/1/20216/30/2022County of Los Angeles District Attorney's Office