Environmental Law On Demand Program 2/9/16
Environmental Law On Demand Program 2/9/16

Beneficial Reuse of Oil Field Produced Water: Boon or Bane?

Presented by the Environmental Law Section

Oil and gas production also includes the extraction of large amounts of salty water, known as produced water. In most cases, this water is reinjected into the geological formation from which it came, but in a growing number of settings, the water can be beneficially reused. In California, some produced water is used for agriculture and for endangered species habitat. Worldwide the practice is growing because treated produced water is a true “new” source of water that can displace demand on fresh water supplies. A new initiative by DOGGR is promoting the practice in the state, and the Council on Science and Technology, authors of the SB-4 mandated hydraulic fracturing study, have also endorsed the idea. However, opponents of the practice as currently configured point out that chemicals, whose properties are poorly known, may end up on the food we eat or in recreational waters. Although focused on beneficial reuse of produced water, the topic also ties into other sources of “new” water, such as treated wastewater or seawater desalination.

Originally Recorded 2/9/16


Eric Adair, Attorney, Hinson Gravelle & Adair LLP

Damon Nagami, Levinson Arshonsky & Kurtz

Daniel Tormey, PhD, Catalyst Environmental Solutions

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