Real Property On Demand Program 4/26/16
Real Property On Demand Program 4/26/16

Structural Engineering 101 for Lawyers

Presented by the Construction Subsection of the Real Property Section

This presentation is geared towards attorneys so no math or physics prerequisites are required. The program will provide an introduction to basic structural and seismic engineering concepts related to design, construction and performance in the built environment. Using extensive photos and graphics so as not to put you to sleep after lunch, our instructor will provide a clear and simple explanation of structural engineering principles. The focus will primarily be on building and bridge structures, the forces they are built to withstand, and why they have failed. The program will also address why different structural materials are utilized for specific functions.

This program will address:
• Let the force be with you – An explanation of the forces on structures.
• When is it better to use wood rather than concrete and steel - Structural materials and their use.
• Forces and failures - How do structures resist forces?
• Life is too short so enjoy the moment…frame.

Originally Recorded 4/26/16


William E. Cook, PE, Hill International

Duration & Credit Info

1 hour CLE credit

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