ELIPS On Demand Program 5/5/16
ELIPS On Demand Program 5/5/16

The Fair Use Pendulum Swings: Has It Swung Too Far?

Presented by the Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property Section

In Lenz v. Universal Music, the Ninth Circuit ruled that the Fair Use of another’s copyrighted work is a right. It’s a revolution in copyright law – or is it?

Two titans of copyright – Corynne McSherry of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Ben Sheffner of the Motion Picture Association of America – make rare in-person appearances, square off, and get to the bottom of the debate raging over Fair Use. McSherry won the Lenz case, and will defend it. Sheffner sees it differently, and sets his views forth in no uncertain terms.

Topics of discussion will include:
• Lenz v. Universal Music: The baby can go crazy -- has copyright law gone crazy, too?
• Authors Guild v. Google: Cert denied -- what are the implications?
• Graham v. Prince: The newest battleground – appropriation or piracy of Instagram portraits?
• Rogers v. Koons: Would those puppies be barking a different tune today?
• Balsley v. Larry Flynt Publications: Would the “Hot News Babes” still beat fair use after Lenz?

Originally Recorded 5/5/16


Jeff Kichaven, Moderator, Principal Mediator, Jeff Kichaven Commercial Mediation, and Past Chair of ELIPS

Ben Sheffner, Vice President, Legal Affairs, Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.

Corynne McSherry, Legal Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation

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1 hour CLE credit

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