Committee Members
Immigration and Nationality Law
Full NamePositionTerm StartTerm EndOrganization
Violetta BeyderChair7/1/20206/30/2021Law Office of Violetta Beyder
Maggie CastilloFirst Vice Chair7/1/20206/30/2021Castillo Law Firm
Keli M. ReynoldsSecond Vice Chair7/1/20206/30/2021Olmos & Reynolds Law Group, LLP
Arthur MinasSecretary7/1/20206/30/2021Weisz Immigration Law Group
Sabrina Rachel DamastImmediate Past Chair7/1/20206/30/2021Law Office of Sabrina Damast
Emily Katherine AllenMember7/1/20206/30/2021Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP
Brigit Greeson AlvarezMember7/1/20206/30/2021Legal Aid Foundation of Los angeles
Megan Aurelle BrewerMember7/1/20206/30/2021Law Offices of Stacy Tolchin
Meredith R. BrownMember7/1/20206/30/2021Law Office of Meredith R. Brown
Shawn C. ChouMember7/1/20206/30/2021Vida Law Group
Shirin EgodageMember7/1/20206/30/2021Law Offices of Shirin Egodage
Catherine FerrignoMember7/1/20206/30/2021 
Sonia FigueroaMember7/1/20206/30/2021Law Offices of Sonia Figueroa-Lee
David M. IllionsMember7/1/20206/30/2021Law Offices of David M. Ilions
Robert F. JacobsMember7/1/20206/30/2021Robert F. Jacobs & Associates, PLC
Amy C. LenhertMember7/1/20206/30/2021Stone, Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP
Mackenzie W. MackinsMember7/1/20206/30/2021Mackins & Mackins, LLP
Margarita M. ManduleyMember7/1/20206/30/2021Manduley & Camisassa P.C.
John M. ManleyMember7/1/20206/30/2021Attorney at Law
XIAOJIE MENGMember7/1/20206/30/2021Meng Law Group PC
Nicholas J. MirelesMember7/1/20206/30/2021Law Office of Nicholas J. Mireles
Linda NakamuraMember7/1/20206/30/2021Law Offices of Linda M. Nakamura
Andres James OrtizMember7/1/20206/30/2021Andres Ortiz Law
Maribel V. Reynoso BluntMember7/1/20206/30/2021Law Office of Maribel Reynoso
Taiyyeba SkomraMember7/1/20206/30/2021Stone Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP
Merrilee SnellMember7/1/20206/30/2021Law Offices of Merrilee Snell
Angela Y. SuhMember7/1/20206/30/2021Law Ofc Angela Y Suh
Patrick ValdezMember7/1/20206/30/2021Valdez Law Firm
Judith L. WoodMember7/1/20206/30/2021Judith Wood, APL
Lucy AvedissianPast Chair7/1/20206/30/2021Law Office of Lucy Avedissian
Todd BecraftPast Chair7/1/20206/30/2021Law Office of Todd Becraft
Paul D. CassPast Chair7/1/20206/30/2021Paul D. Cass, Attorney At Law
David R. FullmerPast Chair7/1/20206/30/2021Wolfsdorf Rosenthal, LLP
Daniel T. HuangPast Chair7/1/20206/30/2021Haven Law Group, APC
Noemi G. RamirezPast Chair7/1/20206/30/2021Law Office of Noemi Ramirez
Helen A. SklarPast Chair7/1/20206/30/2021 
Alice M. Yardum-Hunter, EsqPast Chair7/1/20206/30/2021Alice M. Yardum-Hunter, A Law Corp.