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ELIPS On Demand Program 9/29/20

Scandalous Marks: The Impact of Brunetti, the PTO’s Widely-Used Commonplace Words Doctrine, and Social Justice

Presented by the Entertainment Law & Intellectual Property Section

Program Description

Explore the impact of Iancu v. Brunetti, which held it unconstitutional to bar registration of trademarks deemed “scandalous” or “immoral.” Examine the USPTO’s response - refusing scandalous marks on the novel ground that “widely-used commonplace wo

Trusts & Estates On Demand Program 9/26/20

2020 CAC Fundamental Program

Presented by the Trusts & Estates Section

Program Description

Required training program for attorneys who want to participate on the probate court appointed counsel panel. This program will go through the basics of serving as Court Appointed Counsel in the probate arena. Areas of focus will include the role of Court Appointed Counsel, different types of appointments, and how to effectively fulfill your duties. Th

Real Property On Demand Program 7/9/20

Loan Modifications

Presented by the Real Estate Finance Subsection of the Real Property Section

Program Description

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many lenders now find themselves in a situation where a borrower’s financial condition has been impacted by non-payment of rent, supply chain disruption, and delays in projects, resulting in the need to modify the loan. Join us as our panel of experts examine the various issues and con

Cannabis Law On Demand Program 7/7/20

Perspectives on Social Equity in LA’s Cannabis Business Licensing & Regulatory Program

Presented by the Cannabis Law Section

Program Description

Perspectives on Social Equity in LA – What does social equity look like in LA’s cannabis market? What are LA’s social equity licensing requirements and how do those look in practice? Join us for a panel with social equity applicants navigating through LA’s application and licensing process, an investor

Real Property On Demand Program 7/2/20

Lease Renegotiations in the Age of COVID

Presented by the Commercial Development & Leasing Subsection of the Real Property Section

Program Description

This timely webinar will explore a variety of structures for renegotiating leases in the face of COVID-19, and discuss the many related considerations and strategies for both tenants and landlords. Our expert panelist, Tom Turner, was a real estate transactional attorney for over 35 years before

Real Property On Demand Program 6/23/20

Developments in Real Estate Finance 2019

Presented by the Real Estate Finance Subsection of the Real Property Section

Program Description

Now in its 22nd year, the finance subsection is pleased to announce that this iconic annual presentation is moving to webinar/zoom format for this year's event. The program will include a lively discussion of the most important developments in real estate finance law during 2019. The program will provide att

Commercial Law & Bankruptcy Law On Demand Program 6/18/20

Contemporary Developments in Insolvency Related Determination and Discharge of Taxes

Presented by the Commercial Law & Bankruptcy Section

Program Description

Legal and economic events in the most recent six months have created new issues and authorities in insolvency related determination and discharge of tax liability of interest to lawyers, accountants, trustees, debtors and creditors. In addition to these new legal issues and authorities, r

Litigation On Demand Program 6/18/20

Informal Discovery Conferences with Your Judge: Everything You Need to Know to Efficiently Resolve Discovery Disputes

Presented by the Litigation Section

Discovery motions are costly and time consuming. In the new normal, clients will likely prefer firms that reduce their litigation expenses. Informal Discovery Conferences with your Judge, as permitted by the L.A.S.C. rules, are a quick, inexpensive, and effective way to resolve discovery disputes and avoid needless

ELIPS On Demand Program 6/17/20

Return to Productions Issues in Light of COVID-19

Presented by the Entertainment Law & Intellectual Property Section

Program Description

Co-sponsored by the Association of Media and Entertainment Counsel’s (AMEC) Women Who Lead board. Representatives from two guilds and outside lawyers discuss return to production issues to their membership/clients in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moderated by Talin Galoosian at SAG-AFTRA.


Healthcare On Demand Program 6/3/20

COVID-19 and the Mainstreaming of Telehealth

Presented by the Healthcare Law Section

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is fundamentally transforming telehealth in the American healthcare system. Over the past few months, medical providers across the United States started, revamped and expanded their virtual care capabilities. This webinar will focus on issues related to the mainstreaming of telehealth as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Topics in

Immigration On Demand Program 5/28/20


Presented by the Immigration Law Section

Program Description

This program will feature two prominent LA-based Crimmigration practitioners, Doug Jalaie and Andres Ortiz, as well as Andrea Garcia, immigration specialist from the Riverside Public Defender’s Office. The presenters will guide attendees through a crimmigration case analysis. The program will also provide attendees some practice tips for handling detained cases during COV

Labor & Employment On Demand Program 5/28/20

COVID-Era Wage & Hour Basics for Employment Lawyers Who Don’t Do Wage & Hour Cases

Presented by the Labor & Employment Section

Program Description

Wage and hour Law is complicated and not at all intuitive. Some employment lawyers practice it exclusively and know all about it, but others have more general employment law practices or focus on employment discrimination or traditional labor law. This program is designed for the employment lawyer wh

Cannabis Law On Demand Program 5/26/20

Quarterly Salon - Getting In The Weeds With Cannabis Litigation: Claims, Strategies, Challenges, Finding Resolution

Presented by the Cannabis Law Section

Program Description

Join the Cannabis Section for an insightful conversation about cannabis-focused litigation. We will talk about the trends emerging, the types of claims that are gaining traction, advantages of different forums, and ADR.

Originally Recorded 5/26/20

Privacy & Cybersecurity On Demand Program 5/14/20

Technology Competence: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

Presented by the Privacy & Cybersecurity and Small Firm & Solo Practitioners Sections

Program Description

What does it mean to be “competent” as a lawyer in practice today? How much must a lawyer understand about the technology they use to practice? How about the technologies that present legal risk for their clients? Have our current circumstances changed the rules of the road? Do we all

LACBA On Demand Program 5/12/20

Trauma-Responsive Skills for Lawyers During COVID-19

Presented by the Los Angeles County Bar Association

Program Description

How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting your practice? What impacts are you seeing in yourself and/or your clients? Join presenters Cynthia Bowkley and Rebecca Stahl, attorneys who are trained in somatic experiencing, who will discuss how stress and trauma manifest physically, mentally, and emotionally in attorneys and

Real Property On Demand Program 4/29/20

COVID-19 Impacts on Recording and Indexing, and Potential Legal Consequences

Presented by Title Insurance Subsection of the Real Property Section

Program Description

A discussion of how the various County Recorders have changed their practices and services due to the COVID 19 crisis, and potential legal consequences of those changes.

Originally Recorded 4/29/20


Anya Stanley,

Commercial Law & Bankruptcy On Demand Program 3/10/20

How to Craft Strong, Enforceable Settlement Agreements

Presented by the Commercial Law & Bankruptcy Section

With the majority of legal disputes (nearly 96%) being resolved in settlement, crafting strong, enforceable settlement agreements is critical. Most attorneys prepare to negotiate their case, but few get ready to write an effective settlement agreement that optimally addresses all of the issues between the parties and comports with statutory requirements. Learn

Immigration Law On Demand Program 3/7/20

Twelfth Annual Symposium on Family-Based Immigration Law

Presented by the Immigration Law Section

A review of hot topics affecting practice of immigration law today presented by national authorities:

Panel 1:
Late-Breaking 2020 Public Charge Ground of Inadmissibility and Affidavit of Support: Updates and Practice Tips - Charles Wheeler(CLINIC)

Panel 2:
Representing Children in Immigration Law: SIJS, Asylum, Motions to Suppress and Terminate

Healthcare Law On Demand Program 3/4/20

Independent Physician Reimbursement Issues and Legal Issues

Presented by the Healthcare Law Section

A combined program put forth by the LACBA Healthcare Law Section and Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP) The program will focus on Independent Physicians reimbursement issues and legal solutions. The experts will discuss every aspect of obtaining proper reimbursement for non-contracted care.

Originally Recorded 3/4/20


Real Property On Demand Program 2/25/20

2020 Flaig Award & Annual Construction Law Update

Presented by the Construction Law Subsection of the Real Property Section

The 2020 Flaig Award will be presented to Douglas C. Purdy of Clark Hill in recognition of his many achievements in construction law. Theodore D. Levin, also of Clark Hill, will be presenting the award. The Flaig Award is a prestigious honor presented by the Los Angeles County Bar Association, in commemoration of the late Robert B. Flaig, to an a