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Litigation On Demand Program 6/18/20

Informal Discovery Conferences with Your Judge: Everything You Need to Know to Efficiently Resolve Discovery Disputes

Presented by the Litigation Section

Discovery motions are costly and time consuming. In the new normal, clients will likely prefer firms that reduce their litigation expenses. Informal Discovery Conferences with your Judge, as permitted by the L.A.S.C. rules, are a quick, inexpensive, and effective way to resolve discovery disputes and avoid needless

Healthcare On Demand Program 6/3/20

COVID-19 and the Mainstreaming of Telehealth

Presented by the Healthcare Law Section

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is fundamentally transforming telehealth in the American healthcare system. Over the past few months, medical providers across the United States started, revamped and expanded their virtual care capabilities. This webinar will focus on issues related to the mainstreaming of telehealth as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Topics in

Cannabis Law On Demand Program 5/26/20

Quarterly Salon - Getting In The Weeds With Cannabis Litigation: Claims, Strategies, Challenges, Finding Resolution

Presented by the Cannabis Law Section

Program Description

Join the Cannabis Section for an insightful conversation about cannabis-focused litigation. We will talk about the trends emerging, the types of claims that are gaining traction, advantages of different forums, and ADR.

Originally Recorded 5/26/20

Commercial Law & Bankruptcy On Demand Program 3/10/20

How to Craft Strong, Enforceable Settlement Agreements

Presented by the Commercial Law & Bankruptcy Section

With the majority of legal disputes (nearly 96%) being resolved in settlement, crafting strong, enforceable settlement agreements is critical. Most attorneys prepare to negotiate their case, but few get ready to write an effective settlement agreement that optimally addresses all of the issues between the parties and comports with statutory requirements. Learn

Immigration Law On Demand Program 3/7/20

Twelfth Annual Symposium on Family-Based Immigration Law

Presented by the Immigration Law Section

A review of hot topics affecting practice of immigration law today presented by national authorities:

Panel 1:
Late-Breaking 2020 Public Charge Ground of Inadmissibility and Affidavit of Support: Updates and Practice Tips - Charles Wheeler(CLINIC)

Panel 2:
Representing Children in Immigration Law: SIJS, Asylum, Motions to Suppress and Terminate

Healthcare Law On Demand Program 3/4/20

Independent Physician Reimbursement Issues and Legal Issues

Presented by the Healthcare Law Section

A combined program put forth by the LACBA Healthcare Law Section and Cooperative of American Physicians, Inc. (CAP) The program will focus on Independent Physicians reimbursement issues and legal solutions. The experts will discuss every aspect of obtaining proper reimbursement for non-contracted care.

Originally Recorded 3/4/20


Real Property On Demand Program 2/25/20

2020 Flaig Award & Annual Construction Law Update

Presented by the Construction Law Subsection of the Real Property Section

The 2020 Flaig Award will be presented to Douglas C. Purdy of Clark Hill in recognition of his many achievements in construction law. Theodore D. Levin, also of Clark Hill, will be presenting the award. The Flaig Award is a prestigious honor presented by the Los Angeles County Bar Association, in commemoration of the late Robert B. Flaig, to an a

Environmental Law On Demand Program 2/20/20

Regulatory Perspective on Emerging Chemicals including PFAS Contaminants

Presented by the Environmental Law Section

Please join us for a program focusing on emerging contaminants, with a special emphasis on PFAS contaminants, from the perspective of technical and legal staff from the State Water Resources Control Board.

Originally Recorded 2/20/20


Shahla Farahnak, Assistant Deputy Director of SWRCB’

Cannabis Law On Demand Program 2/11/20

Demystifying LA City's Cannabis Licensing & Regulatory Program: How did we get here & where are we going?

Presented by the Cannabis Law Section

Join us for an intimate conversation about cannabis licensing, regulation, and enforcement in the City of Los Angeles with Cat Packer (Executive Director, Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation) and Robert Ahn (President, Los Angeles Cannabis Regulation Commission). Los Angeles is the biggest cannabis market in Califor

Privacy and Cybersecurity On Demand Program 1/28/20

The California Consumer Privacy Act, One Month In: A Panel Discussion to Celebrate World Data Privacy Day

Presented by the Privacy and Cybersecurity Section

Please join us for a candid conversation about the challenges facing companies in the first month since the CCPA took effect. From new consumer rights to know, delete, and object to the sale of their information, to a new private right of action for data breaches, our panelists will explore the latest on the CCPA

LACBA On Demand Program 1/25/20

Ethics: All You Need to Know 2020

Presented by the Los Angeles County Bar Association

LACBA’s Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee presents its 15th annual Ethics Seminar, giving participants the opportunity to learn about important ethical issues that have a direct impact on the practice of law from the top practitioners in the field and acquire 4 hours of ethics MCLE at the same time.

Originally Recorded 1/25/20


Environmental Law In Demand Program 1/22/20

The Future of Recycled Drinking Water in Los Angeles County

Presented by the Environmental Law Section

Please join us at this program that will feature drinking water experts, including a regulator, discussing how large-scale recycled water drinking projects will change the supply in Southern California and the potential challenges to achieving success.

Originally Recorded 1/22/20


Rafael Villegas, P.E.

Commercial Law & Bankruptcy On Demand Program 1/21/20

Discussion of How New Bankruptcy Laws Help Small Business

Presented by the Commercial Law & Bankruptcy Section

Effective February 19, 2020, the new laws and how they will help financially distressed small businesses, disabled veterans and family farmers going forward. This program will discuss specifically the following substantive changes: The new changes to the Small Business Reorganization Act that provide opportunities for small business owners to reorganize and a

Real Property On Demand Program 1/15/20

Completion Guaranties: Negotiating and Drafting Tips

Presented by the Real Estate Finance Subsection of the Real Property Section

Panelists will give an overview of the current state of NY and CA case law governing completion guaranties and will discuss/debate key issues in negotiating and drafting completion guaranties from both the borrower and lender perspective. The panel is geared to practicing transactional lawyers negotiating completion guaranties in constructi

Real Property On Demand Program 1/14/20

Imputation of Knowledge in Real Estate Transactions

Presented by the Title Insurance Subsection of the Real Property Section

Real estate transactions typically involve entities and persons other than the principals. This talk will explore the relationships and the imputation of knowledge from agents and others to the principals in real estate purchase/sale and/or loan transactions.

Originally Recorded 1/14/20


Trusts & Estates On Demand Program 12/7/19

Limited Conservatorship Training

A training course intended for Court Appointed Counsel interested in appointments for limited conservatorships, this seminar focuses on the nuances of limited conservatorships for developmentally disabled adults. This course is required for Court Appointed Counsel to be appointed as advocates for proposed conservatees in the limited conservatorship arena. The course covers the legal specificities of limited conservatorships, changes at the Bet Tzed

Real Property On Demand Program 11/12/19

How Modern Technology Affects Whether Recorded Instruments Impart Constructive Notice

Presented by the Title Insurance Subsection of the Real Property Section

Technology is steadily changing how we do business. This topical program will discuss California statutory and case law conditioning constructive notice on whether a recorded instrument can be located by a “proper title search.” We will also explore how the transition by County Recorders from traditional grant

Labor & Employment On Demand Program 11/9/19

Mediation Strategy and the Art of Settlement

Presented by the Labor & Employment Law Section

This program has two panels. The first, “Top 5 Mistakes Litigators Make in Mediation,” will cover common mistakes that attorneys of all levels make when approaching mediation and during the mediation process. With a panel of experienced mediators and litigators from both sides of the table, the panel will discuss the best ways to prepare for mediation, various mediation techn

Real Property On Demand Program 10/24/19

Office/Retail Leasing 101: Key Strategies for Negotiating the Small(ish) Deal

Presented by the Commercial Development & Leasing Subsection of the Real Property Section

Please join us as we discuss both landlord and tenant perspectives on key issues such as rent commencement date, operating expenses, assignment/subletting, and remedies and landlord approval criteria.

Originally Recorded 10/24/19


Jackie P

ELIPS On Demand Program 10/17/19

You Can Trademark a Smell or Sound? D’oh!

Presented by the Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property Section

This program will discuss IP issues that arise in the entertainment industry, including the plusses and minuses of seeking to register and enforce non-traditional trademarks and trade dress and the numerous IP issues that arise in celebrity look-alike disputes.

Non-Traditional Trademarks - This portion of the program is designed to help in-house a