Family Law On Demand Program 2/4/17
Family Law On Demand Program 2/4/17

Strategies For Effective Motion Practice In Family Law

Presented by the Family Law Section

The outcome of certain motions can make or break your case. In this program, prominent family law judges and lawyers will discuss strategies for important motions in family law, among them the effective use of discovery motions and related issue and evidentiary sanctions, when and how to use motions for receivership or for joinder, and what motions can or should be considered after the court has ruled on an important matter.

Panel 1

Do’s and Don’ts of Discovery Motions

Discovery disputes are a bane to most every lawyer’s existence. This panel will cover motions to compel and motions for protective orders, when tobring them, how to oppose them, what constitutes a meaningful meet and confer, and obtaining sanctions for discovery abuses: monetary, issue, and evidentiary.


Hon. Bruce G. Iwasaki

Melvin S. Goldsman, Freid and Goldsman, APLC

Anne C. Kiley, Elkins, Kalt, Weintraub, Reuben, Gartside LLP

Panel 2:

Protecting The Client’s Rights: Receivership and Joinder Motions

Every lawyer needs to know how to use or defend against these procedures. This panel will cover strategy for using receivership and joinder to deal with property disputes, custody disputes, and enforcement of orders.


Hon. Timothy P. Dillon

Ira M. Friedman, Friedman & Friedman, Lawyers

Mark P. Gross, Brot & Gross LLP

Panel 3

The Court Has Ruled: Now What?

Are there alternatives to writs and appeals? This panel will address effective post-order motion practice, including strategy and procedural issues relating to motions for reconsideration, for new trial, to set aside, and for equitable relief following a trial court order, as well as strategic considerations associated with statements of decision.


Hon. Virginia Keeny

Claudia Ribet, Ribet & Silver

Stephanie M. Barnett, Jaffe and Clemens

Originally Recorded 2/2/17

Duration & Credit Info

3 Hours CLE Credit (includes Family Law Specialization credit)

This On Demand Program is a streaming video presentation. Upon Purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to access the program and download the program materials PDF file. Once you have completed the program a certificate will be generated and emailed to you within 1-2 business days.

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