Real Property On Demand Program 9/18/18
Real Property On Demand Program 9/18/18

Elder Abuse Claims and Challenges to Real Estate Transactions and the Risks Associated with Real Estate Sales/Loans When Dealing with Senior Citizens or Dependent Adults

Presented by the Title Insurance Subsection of the Real Property Section Section

In light of the Financial Elder Abuse statutes, can a transaction be set aside simply because the elder or dependent adult changes his or her mind? Does the Financial Elder Abuse statute apply when the elder or dependent adult has the mental capacity to do the transaction? How do claims of undue influence impact the Financial Elder Abuse statute and what are the rights of a third party bona fide purchaser/encumbrancer? This program addresses issues arising from the transactions involving elder or dependent adults. The issues discussed will provide guidance and practical pointers to both transactional and litigation counsel.

Originally Recorded 9/18/18


Hon. Reva G. Goetz, (Ret.)

Marshal A. Oldman, Oldman Cooley et al LLP

Andrew Douglas, Wright Kim Douglas PC

Duration & Credit Info

1 Hour of General CLE Credit

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