2022 CLE-in-a-Box Flashdrive (Audio Mp3s on USB)
2022 CLE-in-a-Box Flashdrive (Audio Mp3s on USB)

2022 CLE-in-a-Box 29-hour Audio Box Set on a Flashdrive

Audio Mp3's Pre-loaded on a 4+Gb USB Flashdrive (Contains 6 hrs of Specialty Credits CLE: 4 hr Legal Ethics, 1 hr Competence Issues, 1 hr Recognition and Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession and Society)

29 Hours of CLE Programs:

Ethics: All You Need to Know 2021, part 1 (2 Hours Legal Ethics CLE Credit)

Ethics: All You Need to Know 2021, part 2 (2 Hours Legal Ethics CLE Credit)

Setting Goals for Work-Life Balance (1 Hour Competence Issues CLE Credit)

Equal Pay Laws: What You Need to Know (1 Hour Elimination of Bias CLE Credit)

Loan Modifications (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

Lease Negotiations in the Age of COVID (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

Employee Mobility: Goodbye Intellectual Property? (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

Federal District Court Demystified (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

Election Driven Tax and Estate Planning (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

Can You Meet the Clear and Convincing Evidence Standard to Save the Gift to a Prohibited Tranferee? (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

Elimination of Bias: Women Empowerment Strategies (1 Hour Elimination of Bias CLE Credit)

Legal Writing for Real Estate Attorneys (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

Dog and Pony Show: Legislative Case Updates (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

A Leaky Boat on a Choppy Sea: A Very Timely Bankruptcy Primer for Small Businesses (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

Rounding Time: The CA Supreme Court’s Decision Regarding Meal Breaks in Donohue (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

Mediation Advocacy: Everything You wanted to Know (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

Appellate Moot Court Programs: How Can You Benefit? (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

Finding, Assessing, and Managing Expert Witnesses (1 Hour Legal Ethics CLE Credit)

So, your Client Wants to Sue the Internet? (1 Hour General CLE Credit)

Informal Discovery Conferences with Your Judge: Everything You Need to Know to Efficiently Resolve Discovery Disputes (1.25 Hours General CLE Credit)

Recovering Attorney’s Fees in Bankruptcy Court Litigation (1.25 Hours General CLE Credit)

Tax and Estate Planning for US Persons with Foreign Assets (1.25 Hours General CLE Credit)

Remote Depositions: The Benefits and Pitfalls of Taking Them (1.25 Hours General CLE Credit)

The Psychology of Settlement - Judgement and Decision Making (1.5 Hours General CLE Credit)

Nuts and Bolts: Pre-Judgement Remedies (1.5 Hours General CLE Credit)

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This is a collection of audio programs in mp3 format, loaded onto a 4+Gb USB Drive. The program materials PDF files will be included on the drive. This product will be shipped via US Postal Service. Shipping and tax costs will be added to your order.

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